Albert City Elevator, A Cooperative (Alceco) dates back to 1925. The original Farmers Elevator Company was created as a stock company in 1905 and reorganized as a cooperative 20 years later.

Membership advantages:
All cooperative shareholders accrue patronage for their business with Ag Partners. The company differs from some farmer-owned cooperatives, though, because its equity policy is structured to contribute to the farmer-member’s cash flow while retaining equity for the future.

Specifically, the majority of the members’ dividend is paid in cash while a small portion is applied to an equity share. Alceco wants to ensure the tax liability for farmer-members doesn't exceed the cash distribution.

Q: What are the advantages of being a member?
A: There are two primary advantages: each member receives voting privilege and earns patronage or dividends for doing business with Ag Partners. Voting members elect their Alceco board members for a three-year term.

Q: Do I qualify for membership?
A: If you are actively engaged in farming and do business with Ag Partners LLC, you are eligible to become a member.

Q: How do I apply for membership?
A: Simply contact us and we will send you an application.