New Faces of Ag - 4
Nik Morris' dad asked him if he wanted to farm. He couldn't get there fast enough.
Hay Donations Available
Recent rains in the Dakotas came too late to help most forages affected by drought. Here are some options for what to feed, or how to obtain feed, for your livestock.
Disney Pays $177M Settlement to BPI
The latest financial data from Walt Disney Co. shows it paid at least $177 million in legal settlements on a defamation lawsuit filed by Beef Products Inc.
Scientist: Glyphosate Data Not Withheld
Dr. Aaron Blair, the National Cancer Institute scientist at the center of a congressional inquiry into his work with glyphosate, tells DTN he stands by his work with the International Agency for Research on Cancer, or IARC.
New Faces of Ag - 5
Pasture-raised birds are serious business for this Missouri couple.
USDA Throws Corn a Curve Ball
How did USDA come up with a much higher U.S. average yield in its August report than the trade was expecting? Blame it mostly on different methodology.
Cash Market Moves
A recent three-year labor contract extension that was ratified will be good news for ag shippers as it offers more peace and stability at the West Coast ports.
Trade Storm at Sea
Yucatan Port Terminal Shippers Aren't Enthusiastic About Possible NAFTA Changes
New Faces of Ag - 6
Life balances when work and farm combine.
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