In It for the Long Haul

We’re working to do all the right things for the right reasons, which explains why our mills achieved HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) certification voluntarily. It’s a step that brings our mills up to standards used by the food industry—the consumer food industry. We produce animal feed with as much care as goes into baking your daily bread.

Our employees are proud to be HACCP certified because our dedication gives livestock producers another important reason to value our feed. Our commitment serves as an assurance to consumers who hunger for quality pork, turkey, and beef. Safe feed that leads to safe food, that’s our passion.

But just because we care that much about quality, don’t assume we ignore price. Our team includes two full-time ingredient buyers who purchase effectively and pool ingredient supplies for our feed mills, allowing us to achieve least-cost production and mitigate risk for our customers.

Meanwhile, our expanded sales and service team make new friends for Ag Partners. Add to that our determination to build sizeable production facilities equipped to the peak of modern milling technology. Everything we’ve done and are doing should tell you we’re in the feed business for the long haul.
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