Here’s How We Make Your Data Work for You

There was a time when a farmer could easily call to mind what happened on the back 80—rainfall, plant population, weed outbreaks, and fertilizer timing—for the past several years. Today you’re collecting more information, farming more acres, and generally testing the limits of your own memory.

InSiteCDM, Ag Partners' proprietary program, makes sense of the mass of your information in a system that layers and examines data. It offers correlations that reveal the value of specific field practices while pinpointing weak points in your program. You’ll see years’ worth of yield results analyzed to reveal management zones where you can leverage the best return.

Naturally you also want to know what really works for producers with operations similar to yours. Are you operating on the cutting edge? Once a year InSite pulls back the curtain on our combined data pool, in a completely anonymous report. Reviewing those comparisons will help you plan your next productive step.

The Value of InSiteCDM

Make Sense of the Data:

InSiteCDM uses your data to help you make more informed decisions about your operation 

More Efficient Inputs:

Knowing what you need and where you need it helps you make more informed decisions

Valuable Tools, Designed For You:

Tools like InSite Seed Select, which allows growers to make better seed placement decisions using the combination ofInSiteCDM and seed company hybrid data, taking the guesswork out of hybrid placement

Record Keeping, Simplified:

Each year, growers in the program receive a field history and farm history report, which summarizes specifically what happened on each field and your entire operation. This gives you and your Sales Agronomist a record of the growing environment, and shows agronomic trends. 


Interested in participating in InSiteCDM? Contact your Sales Agronomist, or contact Clint Sires, InSiteCDM lead. 



InSiteCDM Lead
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