The More Knowledge, the Better the Seed Decisions

Your Ag Partners agronomist knows your fields, sees them in terms of productive capabilities and layer upon layer of compiled data. When you sit down with someone who understands all that has happened and could happen in your fields, you’re sure to walk away with the right seed.

We represent these seed companies for a reason

Producers choose Ag Partners for the knowledge and dedication each team member brings to every challenge. We have the same motivation when we choose our seed partners.

Our customers have access to top seed choices from Dekalb®, Asgrow®, NK® brand, Stine®, and CROPLAN®.

What Happens to Test Plot Info After Harvest?

We’re putting Ag Partners plot data to work in our InSite® Seed Select tool. There it correlates with results from a million test plots across the nation. Think of it, a million! So, when you and your InSite agronomist sit down to talk seed, there’s a powerful lot of intelligence to inform your choices.

And using the Seed Select tool, we’re prepared to direct all that data toward pinpointing variety and plant population recommendations matched to your InSite management zones. That’s a level of intensity in seed selection far beyond a list of characteristics in a sales rep’s book.

 It Starts With Seed 

See our 2016-2017 Seed Guide 

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