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Ag Partners has its own proprietary program that helps you make sense of all your information in a system that layers and examines data – something you won’t find at other ag retailers. InSiteCDM offers correlations that reveal the value of specific field practices while pinpointing weak points in your program to help you get the most out of your crop. It’s an exclusive club with many perks and insider information you can’t get anywhere else. We’d love for you to join us.

Experience. The Difference.

For those who don’t manage a confinement or feedlot, manure may seem simple— but for those who do, you know otherwise. A lot of work goes into developing a new livestock site, or expanding an existing one. Ag Partners can take you step-by-step and ensure nothing is overlooked.


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Symbol Last Open Close High Low
May '21 @C1K 7.5700 7.6100 7.6800 7.4625
Jul '21 @C1N 7.1350 7.0950 7.2250 7.0550
Sep '21 @C1U 6.4000 6.3300 6.4200 6.2800
Dec '21 @C1Z 6.2100 6.0800 6.2225 6.0500
Mar '22 @C2H 6.2400 6.0875 6.2475 6.0825
May '22 @C2K 6.2375 6.1000 6.2450 6.0950
Jul '22 @C2N 6.2025 6.0700 6.2150 6.0675
Sep '22 @C2U 5.5025 5.4300 5.5175 5.4175
May '21 @S1K 16.0400 15.9050 16.0875 15.8975
Jul '21 @S1N 15.6475 15.4700 15.7050 15.4300
Aug '21 @S1Q 15.1350 14.9575 15.1675 14.9225
Sep '21 @S1U 14.4275 14.2500 14.4375 14.1725
Nov '21 @S1X 14.1050 13.8875 14.1075 13.8300
Jan '22 @S2F 14.0800 13.8500 14.0850 13.8300
Mar '22 @S2H 13.8150 13.5625 13.8250 13.5625
May '22 @S2K 13.7300 13.5075 13.7450 13.5000
May '21 @W1K 7.5750 7.6100 7.6100 7.4500
Jul '21 @W1N 7.4600 7.4675 7.5475 7.3200
Jun '21 @LE1M 114.500 114.500 115.500 113.400
Aug '21 @LE1Q 117.900 117.800 118.100 116.575
May '21 @HE1K 111.250 111.650 111.675 111.000
Jun '21 @HE1M 113.600 114.725 115.000 113.100
May '21 @GF1K 131.500 131.150 131.575 128.500
Aug '21 @GF1Q 143.800 144.975 145.100 141.525
Sep '21 @GF1U 145.950 146.900 147.175 143.750
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36 F
30.25 inHg
WNW 13 mph
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We're Connected To Our Communities

We never forget our connection to the Iowa towns we serve. Our customers and shareholders come together in those communities, and our employees live here, too. You know them as firefighters, school volunteers, community event planners, church leaders, and recreation program coaches.

Just as our employees give back, we give back as a company. Our LocalMotion program donates 1% of net profits from agronomy sales to community projects. We’re pleased to champion our communities because our success is connected to theirs.

Looking For Your Best Opportunity?

You know how people are always telling you, “Anything is possible?” So you say, “Show me the kind of job I really want—working for a progressive company with big goals and big opportunities for me to do more.” “Hey, that’s easy!” they say. Then, you tell them, “Find me that job in small-town Iowa. Someplace I’m comfortable making a life for myself.”
If you’re looking for a career suited to your goals and the possibilities of a future attuned to your values, look no further.

Our Commitment To The Environment

Our commitment to our customers and our communities goes beyond providing quality products and services. We’re also committed to being good stewards of Iowa’s land and waterways through monitoring and nutrient reduction strategies. Ag Partners is a proud member of Agriculture’s Clean Water Alliance, an association of 12 ag retailers operating in the Des Moines and Raccoon River basins.

ACWA water monitoring data, collected and analyzed frequently and regularly for over a decade, has characterized conditions in upstream waters, identified geographic uniqueness, shown the value of tailoring solutions to the issues and conditions in each watershed, helped target projects and been valuable in obtaining resources for implementing appropriate remedial strategies.

Since 1999, ACWA members have invested more than $1 million in water quality monitoring in the Raccoon and the Des Moines Rivers and their largest tributaries. Over 10,000 samples have been collected by more than 100 certified samplers.

Ag Partners Insights