The Alceco board of Directors is pleased to authorize a cash revolvement of $1.3 million to its members.
This revolvement represents a payout in three categories: Class B Preferred Stock and Regional Equity to all patronage age 85 and over, 25 percent of Class B Preferred Equity issued in 2010 and 10 percent of all Midwest Farmers Cooperative Regional Equity.
Alceco merged with Midwest Farmers Cooperative in 2008, and well over half of this $1.3 million payment is for Midwest Farmers Cooperative Regional Equity. Over the past five years, Alceco has revolved $6.9 million to its members.
Alceco is one of the few cooperatives current on deferred patronage through 2010.
Albert City Elevator, A Cooperative (Alceco), dates back to 1905. It is a key partner of Ag Partners, L.L.C, and is one of the most financially strong cooperatives in Iowa. Alceco continues to thrive as a farmer-owned cooperative in NW Iowa.
The Alceco Board of Directors continues to assess the equity revolvement strategy of your Cooperative, while maintaining the commitment to honor future estate requests. The board thanks all its members for their continued support of Alceco and Ag Partners.
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